Monday, August 20, 2012

NCRPECW in Michigan

Our PSEP Office just got back from the biennial North Central Region Pesticide Education and Certification Workshop (last held in Nebraska City!) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Paul Hay, one of our Extension Educators, also joined us.

We had 2 1/2 days of meetings with some interesting talks about sharing manuals and exams, pollinators, social media (given by Pierce and me), inversions, pesticide measurements, risk communication, mini bulk tanks, and soil fumigation label requirements. There were also presentations about pests such as bed bugs and emerald ash borer.

One afternoon we took a tour to Ottawa to learn about mini bulk tanks and pesticide roadside applications, and then to Grand Haven, where we explored the shops, museums, and restaurants, and took a walk along the famous boardwalk!

In addition, the American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators (AAPSE) had a meeting for its membership to provide updates and discuss the latest issues, including who will host the next regional meeting (Purdue volunteered).

This interesting and productive meeting was a great opportunity to see and network with other midwest colleagues who work in the PSEP and IPM fields!