Monday, July 30, 2012

Tribal In-services

Last week, Clyde and I met with Christina Lee, the new Pesticide Circuit Rider for the Winnebago and Omaha tribes in NE, and conducted IPM in-services for the 4 tribal schools we have been working with.

Each school had custodial or kitchen staff representatives with whom we discussed pest problems and conducive conditions, and we also provided them with a variety of print resources, including two identification books for common pests (Inspector's Field Guide for Pest Identification and Common Pests Found in Schools and Day Care Centers) and UNL publications on cockroaches, IPM in sensitive environments, and ants (one-node and two node). After each discussion, we toured the school, visiting areas that were more likely to have pests or conditions conducive to them, such as kitchens, custodial closets, and teacher's lounges.

We are going to revise and update the previous recommendations for each school and then prioritize which issues are most important to address in each location.

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