Thursday, October 25, 2012

October IPM Coalition

Yesterday we held our last IPM Coalition meeting for 2012. Eighteen coalition members attended, including representatives from Extension, health care, child care, EPA, tribes, school districts, and industry.

We had two speakers, Bill McCoy and Jerry Steckly, both from Lincoln Public Schools. They discussed the history of their district's pest management program and how they began using IPM. Then they spoke about what IPM strategies they currently have in place, such as maintaining a pest log book. They also gave some great examples of how IPM has been effective in LPS. One significant impact was the decrease in cockroaches after the kitchen floor and drains were deep cleaned.

Clyde and I also asked members to think about what topics they'd like to see for coalition meetings in 2013. One suggestion was having a discussion about how to do small heat treatments for bedbugs. We also encouraged members to attend the Urban Pest Management Conference this year in February.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Bed Bug Interactive Publication Now Available!

A new interactive bed bug publication is now available from UNL! Through text, links, and videos, Managing Bed Bugs, by Barb Ogg, Fred Baxendale, and Clyde Ogg, covers information about bed bugs such as biology, prevention techniques, and methods for control. It also covers the use of bed bug sniffing dogs to detect the presence of bedbugs.

In addition, the individual videos found in this electronic publication can be viewed on our PSEP YouTube Channel:

How Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs Work
Meet Spots, the only bed bug sniffing dog in Nebraska. James Pelowski, his owner, trainer, and handler, talks about the use of dogs for detecting bed bugs.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Infesting a Bed
This video highlights a few different ways to prevent bed bugs from accessing and infesting a bed and mattress.

How to Inspect a Bed for Bed Bugs
Learn where to look and what to look for when inspecting a bed for possible bed bug infestation.

How to Build a Bed Bug Monitoring Trap
Dr. Barb Ogg from UNL Extension in Lancaster County walks you through the process of creating a bed bug trap from common household supplies.