Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Road Ahead

Just last week I finished up my final comp exam, so I am now an official Entomologist with my Masters :-)! I am really excited and look forward to the road ahead of me.

We have a lot of IPM projects coming down the pipeline, including working with the Asthma Initiative at one of our local health systems to teach about pests and IPM; coordinating with the IPM Institute to conduct a special IPM certification with our coalition; starting an IPM newsletter; and updating a variety of resources. IPM is going strong in Nebraska!

With all of these new and exciting things, however, it has become rather busy around here, and therefore, I have decided to discontinue this blog. I know, I are shocked and I hate to disappoint my numerous Nebraska IPM fans! :-) But I have found that our Facebook and Twitter pages seem to be more effective in reporting our IPM activities (and do it in less words!), and we will continue to do that. So if you haven't already done so, please follow us; Pierce does a great job of posting timely and relevant information about both our PSEP program and IPM.

I look forward to working with and seeing many of you at future PSEP and IPM meetings, the Nebraska IPM coalition, and other events. Thanks again for following me and for the great comments :-)

Live Long and Prosper!