Monday, October 17, 2011

Lazy Classroom Contest

Calling all IPM Sleuths! Enter our newest Facebook Contest for a chance to win the grand prize...a copy of the Pest Private Eye game, Teacher's Guide, and Comic book for use in the science classroom! Please pass this along to any science teachers and students who might be interested!

To Enter the Contest:
  1. Log into our Pesticide Safety Education Program Facebook page:
  2. Become a fan of our page by clicking on the "Like" button at the top.
  3. On the "Wall" you'll see a CONTEST post with a photo (similar to "Where's Waldo") that shows students in a messy classroom (direct link to photo:
  4. Write a short description (can be sentences or bullet points) about what makes this room a good place for pests to live and what can be done to make the room less inviting to pests.
  5. Post your comments and we'll announce the winner next week!