Thursday, October 13, 2011

Big Red Green Team

In my early "Spielberg" days, I worked with Clyde, other UNL specialists, our department head, and the Educational Media department to develop two CSI spoofs about a team of scientists, the Big Red Green Team, with backgrounds such as plant diseases, weed science, entomology, soil science, and toxicology. This was a fun and educational way to introduce Agronomy/Horticulture careers and get students interested in learning more about these fields. Since many of us that work in IPM and Pesticide Safety Education Programs have backgrounds in similar fields or work with others that do, I thought you might be interested too!

Watch the videos here:

"Batter Luck Next Time": The Big Red Green Team investigates the murder of a Husker baseball player. Will the evidence tell the story?

"It's Not Easy Being Green": The Big Red Green Team investigates the strange destruction of greens at a golf course. Is it an accidental pesticide misapplication or is there more to it?

Read these articles for more information about the project:

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