Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012! We have a lot of exciting IPM projects coming down the pike this year. Here is a preview:

  • IPM Coalition: We are entering our 4th year! This year, we hope to add more new members to the coalition and expand our educational presentations.We will be holding the half-day meeting in July again with multiple presenters, this was a great success in 2011!

  • IPM Symposium: In March Clyde and I will be attending the 7th International IPM Symposium in Memphis, TN. Joining us will be colleagues from around the world who conduct IPM programs in their countries/states. We will be giving presentations on topics such as IPM in Nebraska Schools, use of social media, and developing video dramatizations.

  • Video Game App: We hope to create and launch a video game app about mutant insect monsters that can be defeated using IPM strategies!

  • IPM Process Video: We have completed the video "How to Conduct IPM in Schools" and hope to distribute this to interested schools this year.

  • IPM Manual: We will be continuing the revision of the IPM Manual, with an emphasis on updating it to include not only schools, but other sensitive environments as well.

  • IPM Surveys: After giving surveys to schools, coalition members, and child care facilities, we hope to report on their responses about the IPM program and how it's helped them use IPM.

Stay tuned for a great new year!

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