Wednesday, July 27, 2011

IPM in Schools Coalition

We had a great half day educational IPM in Schools coalition meeting today! In addition to the donuts and pizza, there were a lot of great reasons that people joined us :-)

About 22 people attended, including representatives from OPS and LPS, child care (Lancaster County Health Dept and Dept of Education), pest management professionals, UNL Extension, EPA, and NDA. Presentations included Clyde's introduction to Nebraska IPM projects, including tribal IPM, the revision of the IPM manual, and the completion of the "Conducting IPM in Schools" video. Barb presented about bed bugs and James Pelowski and Spots from K9 Bed Bug Detection did a bed bug sniffing dog demonstration. After the break, I spoke about pests, pesticides and health, including findings in recent studies such as the Ag Health Study and Farm Family Exposure study. Finally, Brad Smith, a PMP in West Des Moines, IA, talked about his experiences working with school facility managers on implementing IPM in their schools.

Following the meeting, we had lunch and networking and got a lot of good feedback and ideas for future meetings. We also spoke with the coalition members involved in child care and are planning to do presentations and projects in that area in coming months.

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