Thursday, June 16, 2011

Second Visit to Nebraska Tribal Schools

On Tuesday Clyde, Mike Daniels, Mark Shour and I made our second visit to the Winnebago and Omaha tribal schools. They have had a lot of flooding up in that area, but thankfully the schools aren't having any issues. It did rain consistently all day, but was just a light misty rain, and since we had done our outdoor assessment on the first trip, we didn't have to do a lot outside.

During this visit, our focus was to check the traps we had placed during our initial visit. We were very happy to see that none of the schools had much of a pest problem. The biggest potential problem were moth flies in one of the kitchens, which deep cleaning of the drains should remedy. Although we also found individual moth flies and one German cockroach in other schools, none of these seemed to indicate a major infestation.

For our third visit, we are planning an educational inservice for the tribal schools, and hope to get food service staff, custodians, teachers and administration involved.

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